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Spontex Soft Hands Gloves pack

Soft Hands Gloves

Soft interior made with cotton fibres that are enriched with sweet almond oil.

Discover Spontex Soft Hands gloves that protect and care for your hands, leaving them soft and beautiful. Dermatologically tested, the gloves have a soft interior made with cotton fibres that are enriched with sweet almond oil, known for its moisturising benefits. They leave hands feeling soft and silky, even after several uses. The gloves have a delicate sweet almond perfume so there is no lingering latex smell.

These comfortable household gloves really do break the mould with a trendy colour and exclusive modern 3D pattern, which not only looks great but also acts as a STOP-DROP so sleeves and arms don’t get wet!

Soft and beautiful
  • anti slip grip
  • trendy colour
  • stop-drop 3D pattern so arms don’t get wet
  • dermatologically tested
  • with sweet almond oil
  • comfortable soft interior

These silky smooth gloves keep your hands protected against the drying effects of water and detergent and grip crockery and cutlery effectively.

GHI expert

We’re proud to say that these gloves have been approved by the unbiased and trusted Good Housekeeping Institute. Wherever you see their logo you can be assured that this product has passed a series of rigorous Consumer Quality Assessment tests.